What is Delta Variant | COVID cases grow as “Delta variant” -symptoms 2022

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What is Delta Variant COVID cases grow as “Delta variant” -symptoms, 2022

Corona virus, for the last two years you must have probably hated these words the most. After all, why not, the corona virus has made the condition of all of us so miserable. One wave of corona does not stop that another wave starts to shake. Delta plus New variant cases All world update,

This virus has changed its form i.e. variants so many times that now they have to be named. One such variant is Delta Plus, which is once again rapidly increasing the cases of corona all over the world. After all, how dangerous is this Delta Plus variant and can the third wave of corona come in our country because of this?

The Delta Plus variant is closely related to the Delta variant, which was first identified in India.

What is Delta Variant
What is Delta Variant

Delta Variant??

The Delta variant was first found in Bharat (bharatyojana.org), which is scientifically referred to as B.1.617.2.

This delta variant was the cause of the second wave of corona in India. According to microbiologists, Kovid-19 is an RNA virus, so its ability to mutate is very high.

What is Delta Variant

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According to experts, ‘In the Delta variant, we saw that not only does it spread faster, but it can also dodge immunity.’

Rapid changes have also been seen in this Delta variant, which is why the Delta Plus variant appeared. It is being called B.1.617.2.1. According to scientists, the delta variant of the recently found virus can have up to 8.0 R-notch capability.

All the earlier mutations have been seen in the Delta Plus variant. According to experts, K417N mutation has also been found in the new variant. Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health) of NITI Aayog, explains about the introduction of the delta plus variant that “this virus sticks to the body cells through the spike protein.

Therefore, changes in this virus have a bad effect on the body, which is why mutated variants are a cause of concern.” According to the Government of India, the first case of Delta Plus variant was seen in Europe.

Is the Delta and Delta Plus variants more contagious and dangerous?

The Deltavariant was the cause of the second wave of Corona in India. Health experts described it as rapidly spreading and making the disease serious. In the second wave, India had seen the most dreadful and deadly form of Corona.

New Delta variant symptoms

Lambda variants also raised concerns

Now the Lambda variant has also raised concerns. The scientific name of this variant is C.37, which has now been identified as a potential threat and has spread to more than 25 countries so far. This variant was first found in Peru.

The UK Health Ministry has warned that the lambda variant of the corona virus is more dangerous than the delta.

Last month, the World Health Organization declared lambda (C.37) a ‘variant of concern’. The WHO said that community transmission of lambda has taken place in many countries. WHO says that a lot of mutations have come in Lambda, due to which the infection rate has increased rapidly.

There are concerns that this variant may evade antibodies and vaccines. However, health experts say that efforts are being made to collect more data to know this fact.

What is Delta Variant

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What is Delta Variant

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