CSC dm list 2024 : CSC District Manager Contact Number, CSC vle Helpline

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You are the CSC Public Service Center VLE Operator.

So you must be facing problems in CSC services at some point of time and you will be worried that how to solve this problem and how to contact CSC Dm List team.

That’s why we are going to give you here the complete information to contact CSC as well as CSC District Manager Contact Number,

CSC State Head and CSC Team Helpline Number, so that you can easily solve your problem.

A new helpline number for CSC?

A big piece of information is coming out for operators of CSC Common Service Centers,

so if you also run a CSC center or if you want to open a CSC public service center, then this information can be very important.

You get help when working or for CSC from CSC helpdesk, but recently CSC centre has changed its helpline number (CSC Helpline Number).

so if you need information, you will not be able to get it from the old number.

CSC DM List Scheme NameCSC District Manager Helpline Number
BeneficiaryCSC VLE | csc district manager list 2024,
Official websiteCSC.GOV.IN
CSC District Manager List 2024Click Here

CSC DM is appointed at district level

Dear friends, if you work inside CSC, then you would know that in CSC now one or two CSC District Managers are kept inside all the districts.

Who provide assistance to all CSC-VLEs in their district or play their role in implementation of CSC (Why District Manager of CSC is appointed at district level,)

and provide CSC services in rural and urban areas so that CSC VLEs are benefitted Yes and CSC-VLE should work properly.

CSC District Manager – How to Complain?

CSC District Managers who do not help you or threaten you with closing the CSC center or demand money from you can contact the CSC higher authority or CSC State Head, which I have mentioned above.

The CSC State Head Number can be used to contact the CSC District Manager living in your district and lodge a complaint.

CSC Dm List 2024 online Check

It is the job of all CSC District Managers, that all CSC Dm List / CSC Public Service Centers should be operated properly.

apart from this, from time to time all Common Service Center CSC operators will have to be made aware of new schemes and information as you know.

CSC District Manager Contact Number

That CSC District Manager Contact Number of CSC Common Service Center, new services keep coming from time to time.

The Job of CSC District Manager, and a new CSC-VLE is not aware of how to work on all these services CSC Dm List, CSC Login, and whether they are beneficial. is |

Who can run all these services within his district and whatever training work happens in the district, he can also reach the CSC Public Service Center operator.

can organize all the meetings or CSC workshop organized inside the CSC.

CSC 2.0: Key Features of the New System

  • A network of 2.5 lakh CSCs in Gram Panchayats with self-sustaining operations.
  • A large bouquet of e-services provided by a single platform.
  • Standardization of services and building of capacity among stakeholders.
  • The availability of local help desks.
  • The opportunity to share commissions among VLEs.
  • To encourage the participation of more women as VLEs.

CSC District Manager help line Number

Here we are going to tell you that if you have any problem inside CSC then you can get Find CSC District Manager Contact Number inside your district, for that it is very easy to get CSC District Manager Number.

Follow the method below.

  • To find out the number of Public Service Center CSC District Manager, first of all visit the official website of CSC (Csc.Gov.In).
  • After successfully opening the website, the page shown below will appear in front of you, in which you will see CSC District Manager under CSC 2.0 written on the right, you have to click on it.
CSC dm list 2022 : CSC District Manager Contact Number, CSC vle Helpline
  • As soon as you click on it you will be able to see that another new page will open in front of you.
  • Where you will get the page to download the contact list of CSC District Manager.
  • You have to click on Download of CSC District! Manager List Here and Click on Download List.

State FI Team for Operational & Technical quires 2024

Sr No.StateState FI Resource NameDesignationContact NumberE-MAIL ID
1UTTAR PRADESHAtulit RaiState Head[email protected]
2UTTAR PRADESHMandeep SinghBanking SPOC8948924444[email protected]
3UTTAR PRADESHShashank GangalHDFC SPOC7017036377[email protected]
4UTTAR PRADESHZUBER AHMAD (Jhansi)Banking Team9616608611[email protected]
5UTTAR PRADESHVIVEK PANDEY (Faizabad)Banking Team9721411122[email protected]
6CSC Dm List, UTTAR PRADESHSHASHI KANT (Lucknow)Banking Team8853063019[email protected]
7UTTAR PRADESHSANDEEP TYAGI (Agra)Banking Team9719130444[email protected]
8UTTAR PRADESHPANKAJ MISHRA (Allahabad)Banking Team9557984442[email protected]
9UTTAR PRADESHNEERAJ TIWARI (Kanpur)Banking Team9161678622[email protected]
10UTTAR PRADESHINDRA SHUKLA (Bareilly)Banking Team8808766000[email protected]
11UTTAR PRADESHASHWANI SHUKLA (Gorakhpur)Banking Team9984070405[email protected]
12UTTAR PRADESHANKIT MITTAL (Meerut)Banking Team9870850074[email protected]
13UTTAR PRADESHAMRESH KUMAR (Sonbhadra)Banking Team7652027720[email protected]
14UTTAR PRADESHRavi Jaiswal(Moradabad)Banking Team8958976789[email protected]
15UTTAR PRADESHSanchit Kumar SrivastavaDigipay SPOC9839460300[email protected]

CSC District Manager of CSC Uttar Pradesh

#NameDesignationMobile NoEmail
1Yogendra Kumar SharmaDistrict Coordinator8395041580[email protected]
2Rajat MishraState Manager9457056119[email protected]
3Saurabh Singh, CSC Dm List,District Manager9807174999[email protected]

CSC Dm List 2024

From here you will be able to download CSC District Managers List in Excel Format and get any kind of CSC related help by contacting CSC Dm List, CSC District Managers list working in your district.

CSC dm list 2022 : CSC District Manager Contact Number, CSC vle Helpline
CSC dm list 2024 : CSC District Manager Contact Number, CSC vle Helpline 4

CSC State Head support and help vle

For any problem or suggestion, the state head of CSC Dm List, has been constituted in all the states. CSC is improving its services day by day in which you are not likely to face any kind of problem,( CSC State Head support and help vle, ) So CSC State Head all VLE provide support to all CSC District Managers. does .

So that there is no problem and one CSC State Headworks in all the states, if your state is big then you can have two CSC State Head and if your state is small, then CSC State Head works here if you face any problem. If so, you can contact them directly.

csc helpline number, csc helpline number

Ashutosh Pandey9795939937[email protected]
Avnish Kumar Pandey8318807482[email protected]
Awdhesh Kushwaha9532493788[email protected]
Ayaz Ul Aijaz9359766610[email protected]
Binod Kumar9919541573[email protected]
Bobby8218382943[email protected]
Brijesh Singh8004776016[email protected]
Chandan Tulasyan9305334490[email protected]
Chandra Kumar8545987976[email protected]
Deepak Kumar Verma8604432806[email protected]
Dharmendra Kumar Sharma9792001458[email protected]
Dhruva Kumar9936945366[email protected]
Dinesh Kumar Verma9450111612[email protected]
csc district manager list 2024, Dipanshu Yadav9084014194[email protected]
Ikram Waris9927346453[email protected]
Jitendra Singh Yadav8860279503[email protected]
Kaushalendra Rai9643404274[email protected]
Lokesh Pratap Yadav9450690793[email protected]
Madhur Gupta8218061304[email protected]
Mahboob Alam9236111786[email protected]
Mahendra Kumar9935008915[email protected]
Manish Kumar Rajack9336166766[email protected]
Manish Kumar Singh7905692342[email protected]
Mohammad Ansar9044899754[email protected]
Mohammad Zaki9889135762[email protected]
Mohit Sharma9045442446[email protected]
Namseem Ahmad9837628398[email protected]
Naushad Nabi9045904491[email protected]
Nishant Singh9453626262[email protected]
Nitesh Patiyat7417704573[email protected]
Nitin Tiwari7017591038[email protected]
Pankaj Kumar Yadav9628366754[email protected]
Pankaj Sharma8882928283[email protected]
Parvez Husain9935630373[email protected]
Pavan Sharma9795060507[email protected]
Piyush Ratan9456925352[email protected]
Pradeep6398089372[email protected]
Pradeep Dixit9927957630[email protected]
Pradeep Kumar8193025312[email protected]
Pradeep Singh7007507114[email protected]
Pramod kumar Mishra7417929539[email protected]
Pramod Shukla9140780393[email protected]
Pravin Kumar Kushwaha9598727108[email protected]
Prem Narain Singh9560873507[email protected]
Radeshyam Yadav8318789431[email protected]
Rahul Singh9648090911[email protected]
Rahul Srivastava8303455782[email protected]
Rai Bikram Singh6388020209[email protected]
Rajesh Kumar Gupta9208742874[email protected]
Rajjat Chaudhary9719577753[email protected]
Rajjat Mishra9457056119[email protected]
Rakesh Kumar9795151696[email protected]
Ram Bharos Yadav8858154097[email protected]
Ramendra Shukla8004558823[email protected]
Ravi Kesav Pratap Singh9450831362[email protected]
Ravi Mohan Srivastava8707795190[email protected]
Ravi Shankar Maurya8650393348[email protected]
Ravi Singh9453866696[email protected]
Ravi Verma8953004066[email protected]
Ravindra Kumar8532011143[email protected]
Ravindra Kumar9358022326[email protected]
Rohit Kumar9897447427[email protected]
Rohit Simpson7017697997[email protected]
Sachin Kumar9719073048[email protected]
Sajal Mittal9458596433[email protected]
Sandeep Pandey9956830667[email protected]
Sandeep R Naik8423441132[email protected]
sandeep singh9997765988[email protected]
Sanjay Kumar9044593503[email protected]
Sanjay Verma8931028038[email protected]
Santosh Kumar7351990368[email protected]
Santosh Kumar Chaudhari8010419976[email protected]
Sarvesh Kumar8564988793[email protected]
Sarvesh Kumar Yadav9454894855[email protected]
Saurabh Pathak8859950555[email protected]
Saurabh Sharma6396966105[email protected]
Saurabh Singh9807174999[email protected]
Shahazad Ahmad9084968216[email protected]
Shailendra kumar Singh9532710746[email protected]
Shameer Ahmed Khan7398119782[email protected]
Sharad Srivastava9621358157[email protected]
Shiva9927292140[email protected]
Shiva Nand Upadhyay9453282631[email protected]
Shobhit Maheshwari8923494946[email protected]
Shobhit Srivastava8860651185[email protected]
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csc district manager list 2024,

You must contact the new number of CSC if you have any problem with the csc district manager list 2024 / CSC Digital Seva Portal or if you need any service information, as the old number for CSC has been shut down.

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FAq CSC District Manager

What is the CSC Helpline number?

A helpline number has been established for CSC problems, so you can solve any problems with CSC

What is the number for CSC Helpline?

You can easily find out your CSC Helpline number by watching this video and get your CSC ID verified using it.

How do I reach the CSC Helpline?


Are CSC Helpline Numbers Important?

You need CSC helpline number to solve technical problems with the CSC

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