CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022: VLE Apply Online Public Data Office Wifi PDO

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CSC PM Wani Yojana

CSC PM wani yojana 2020 CSC Vle Registration Link: Friends if you are a CSC Vle or common citizen! So you will be happy to know that the Government of India has started pm wani yojna or say pm wani free wifi yojana on 10 December 2020! Under which 10 Lack New Wifi Hotspot PDOs will be installed in around 2.5 lakh villages of the country within pm wani yojana free wifi internet! This project Pm Wani Yojana, which starts at a government cost of Rs 11000 crore, will be implemented by CSC Common Service Center and other such agencies! So that the service of High-Speed ​​Internet can be made available to the people of the village at very little money!

CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

Benefits Of CSC Pm Wani Scheme

CsC PM Wani Scheme
CsC PM Wani Scheme

Public Data Office (PDO) Wifi Hotspot under CsC PM Wani Scheme

Guys if you have a CSC Vle! So you must have seen or heard about a PCO – Telephone Booth somewhere around you! In which anyone could talk anywhere by putting 1 rupee! But now the time has changed! And now people need the internet very much to move forward with the fast-changing world! And due to its expensive bill and not reaching the village, a lot of our population is still deprived of it! Given this, the Government of India has started the CSC Pm Wani Scheme Free Internet Wifi Yojana! Within which about 10 lakh new Wifi hotspot will be installed in the whole country! And Public Internet Data offices will be opened in every village! Wherever anyone can go and pay between 2 to 20 rupees, they can enjoy the full internet!

CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

Key Highlights Of PM-WANI Yojana

Name of scheme PM Vani Yojana
Who launched Indian government
Beneficiary Citizens of India
an objective Providing Wi-Fi facility in public places
year 2021

Benefits and features of PM-WANI Yojana

CSC PM Wani Wifi PDO Center Registration process for CSC Vle (URBAN)

CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022: VLE Apply Online Public Data Office Wifi PDO 5

Procedure for applying under PM Vani scheme

If you want to apply under PM-WANI Yojana , then you will have to wait for some time now. Right now only this scheme has been announced by the government. Soon PM Free Wi-Fi voice plan explaining the process of applying under. As soon as the process of applying under PM Vani scheme will be activated by the government . We must tell you through this article of ours. Please stay connected with this article of ours.

Apply For A PDO Center in Pm Wani Yojana

By the way, the government has not yet released any portal for online registration of Pm Wani Free Internet Yojana Pdo Center! But this information is given! Any small shop owner or running CSC Center can open PDO Centers under this scheme! And for this, they will not need to get license from any internet service provider! Any interested person can open it without license registration!

How to Open CSC VLE Pm Wani Yojana Public Data Office (PDO)

Friends if you are a CSC Vle or live in a village! And runs internet / cyber cafe etc. So it would be a pleasure to know you! Now you can run your common service center / shop. By opening a public data office PDO center within the Pm Wani Yojana Free Internetr Scheme! You can use the Internet itself, apart from your work, by providing High Speed Interner Seva to the people of the village within the Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana. You can earn a good amount of money every month!

PM Wani Scheme Registration
CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022: VLE Apply Online Public Data Office Wifi PDO 6

vle Pm Wani Yojana Registration process

Friends as you have told me! No license or registration is required to open a public data office PDO center within the PM Wani Scheme But the companies working for it have to register with the government! That means if you are a CSC Vle! So you do not need to apply for this separately with the government at the moment! Your company i.e. CSC E-Governance Services India Limited will have to take its license with the government! And then they can assign work to Vles according to their process!

CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

Registration Fee Payment Requirement For Pm Wani Yojana

Friends to open a PDO Wifi Hotspot within Pm Wani Yojana! According to the information given by the government “No license, no registration, and no fee would be applicable for the PDOs, which could be small shops or even Common Service Centers,” Ravishankar Prasad means that neither you have to pay any money, nor any License will have to be taken, and no registration will have to be done by your company! If you are a CSC Vle, get in touch with the CSC District manager! And if there is no Vle, then keep the news that which company has got work in your company! Or how you will get help from CSC

CSC PM wani Yojana FAQCSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

When is the PM Vani scheme launched?

The Prime Minister of our country Shri Narendra Modi has launched the Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Initiative (PM Vani Yojana) in the meeting of the Union Cabinet on 9 December 2020.

What is PM Vani scheme?

Under the Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Initiative (PM Vani Yojana) scheme, Wi-Fi services will be provided by the central government to all public places in the country.

How will internet facility be provided under PM Vani scheme?

Public Internet offices will be set up to provide Internet services under the PM Vani scheme.

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CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

CSC PM Wani Yojana 2022

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