Free EV Charging PVC Installation 2022: CSC vle Electric Vehicle

CSC Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

CSC Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Free EV Charger installed at no cost in CSC Center: Friends as you all know! Government of India to reduce pollution! Electric is running several schemes to promote electric vehicles! So if you are a CSC Vle! Then there is a golden opportunity for all of you to open Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station at no cost! Take advantage of which you can open a charging station of Electric Bike, Electric Rikshaw, Elecric Car, Ebike etc. for free!

EV Charger installed at no cost

Friends, you can open CSC Electric Charging Station anywhere in the country! But if you are a CSC Vle from Delhi! So there is a big good news for all of you! On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the Charging Station is being installed by CSC for free to all Delhi vles! And in such a situation, if you have a CSC Vle from Delhi, then you can take advantage of this scheme and open an Electric Charging Station for free! Delhi VLEs will get EV Charger installed at no cost please contact our vle support for the Offer !!! HAPPY Holy !!!

Dinesh Tyagi Sir Confirmed Free EV Charger Offer

Big offer for EV Charging Units…setup and set free for lifetime earnings and opportunities…Buy Today from #CSCeMobility portal!!! #dintya15#CSCeGov_

When will the rest of the state benefit?

Currently, this offer is only available for Delhi vles! But to know about its availability in your state! You can contact CSC District Manager or CSC Rural E Mobility Support Team! Apart from this, you can also join the Bharatyojana org Mobile App by downloading! As soon as this scheme will be operational for the rest of the states! Let us inform you about it!

CSC EV Charger Details

Model: Bharat AC 001

Range Per Charge (up to):


Battery(Lithium-ion) @c5 rating:

Motor Output:

Charging Time:


CSC EV Charger Price: 70000

Electric Vehicles Charging Station through CSCs has been started

Service on “Electric Vehicles Charging Station through CSCs” has been started. Interested VLEs can apply on Digital Seva Portal.

CSC electric vehicle charging station registration

CSC Rural e Mobility Team Contact Number

If you have a CSC Vle! And you through CSC Rural Mobility for New Electric Bike, E Rikshaw, Charging Station! Want to apply Or want to have a dealership! Or you have a question! So you can contact CSC Rural E Mobility Team from below given link!

dealership of electric vehicle charging station

The Ministry of Power, Government of India, can also simplify the process of taking the dealership and end the licensing process with a view to promoting the electric vehicle! So if you want to open an electric vehicle charging station in your city or village, then its dealership or Charging Station or Franchise! So you can open an Electric Vehicle Charging Station through the companies mentioned below or by yourself.

open New electric vehicles charging station in India

  • to Open A Electric vehicle Charging Station in India
  • You Can Contact CSC, ESSL, Tata Power to set up your Ev Charging Station
  • TO Become A Dealer With CSC Click Here
  • To Apply With tata Power Click here

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